Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Digital Citizenship Curriculum/Videos from YouTube

I've been working with the PA Hybrid Learning Initiative over the past couple of months to design and deliver training for teachers who are implementing hybrid learning in their classrooms this fall.  It's a great opportunity for students and teachers, but there will be adjustments that need to be made.  I've shared the following resource with the hybrid learning IU trainers and teachers as a resource they might be able to use in the collaborative station.  But, it's a good resource for any teacher who's asking students to research on the web, synthesize that information and create a new product.

YouTube has created a curriculum for secondary students (approximately ages 13-17) that teachers can use to help educate students on digital citizenship topics.  Lesson plans, presentation slides and videos are available on the Google in Education > Teachers page.  You can also subscribe to the YouTube channel for the initiative.

The videos have been available for a couple of years, but I think the curriculum is new.  Has anyone used the videos with students before?  If so, have you found the videos to be helpful with developing students' digital literacy skills?

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